Finding The Best Dog Food Takes Top Priority:

Pet owners are very responsible people.  The pet owner who is a good pet parent makes it a point to locate the best dog food, for either his growing pup or his grown puppy.  The best dog foods make it easier for puppy to remain healthy.  The healthy dog food is not full of by-products.  By-products are just filler and provide puppy with no nutritional value.

The best food for dogs contain, what is referred to as, meat meal.  The meat meal is specific and is listed as one of the top three ingredients, on the label, of a good dog food.  The top dog food shows a product, such as either chicken meal, or beef meal, within its relative list of ingredients.  The top dog foods, list ingredients, which are full of protein.

The interested pet owner asks the question:  What is animal meal?  Animal meal is comprised of skin and connective tissue and is by far more protein-rich than the mere listing of meat.  Meat, in and of itself is comprised of mostly water.  Think of frozen meat or even fresh meat being presented at the dog food processing plant:  When the frozen or fresh meat is dried, it loses, much, in the way of water.  What happens?  The ingredient, ends up, with about fifteen percent protein.

Now think of an animal meal–as the listed ingredient.  Animal meal is comprised of more–since connective tissue, skin and so on and so forth is its consistency.  When it is dried, it has only ten percent water to it.  This means the majority of true animal meal is very protein rich:  supplying puppy with everything, he requires, in the way of a protein rich diet.

The key words, to remember, on any listing, as it pertains to quality ingredients is that of animal meal.  It does not matter if the ingredient is offered in way of a supplementation to meat, in general, or is offered as the prime ingredient:  its presence on the ingredient list is of primary importance.  In example, an owner scanning the ingredient listing of his canine’s favored dog food is wise to make purchase of it when noticing the ingredient of beef meal or chicken meal or other precise form of animal meal.  This ingredient assures the owner that puppy will attain a good bit of protein:  even though the food is dried, during processing.

Other healthful rich foods, full of vitamins and other essential nutrients, must show up, further down the list.  Healthy vegetable are other key ingredients that will keep puppy’s coat healthy, and keep him active throughout his days. Nutrient-rich food, with no by-products, assures puppy remains full of vitality.

Healthy snack items can provide further supplementation:  such as baby carrots or a green bean.  It is advised when allowing puppy to snack between meals, one or two treats are provided, at each setting:  in order to address proper caloric intake for the canine.  He is subject to weight-gain just as a human:  so maintaining optimum levels of nutritional value is required.