The Many Positive Traits Of German Shepherd Dogs

German shepherds are beautiful and highly intelligent dogs. Many consider them good house dogs because they have a calm and caring temperament. Other reasons why they are so popular are because they respect their owner and protect them from intruders. Black German shepherds make great pets.

In addition, the shepherd dog has a high energy level. They love to run and play and seldom get tired. Also, this dog is loyal and can learn to do almost anything. Most importantly, they are considered to be one of the best guard dog breeds. They know how to keep their owners safe and have been known numerous times to save their family from enemies. In addition, a black German shepherd has a unique and beautiful look.

Keep in mind; these beautiful dogs make wonderful companions. They have a sweet and friendly behavior toward their family members. However, they can be aggressive to anyone who presents a threat to the family. In most cases, this dog is healthy; especially if they are kept on a good diet and given proper grooming and care. If they are given proper socialization training early on, they will show love to children.

To conclude, shepherds are beautiful and intelligent dogs. Talk with your vet soon and find out more about the German shepherd dog.