Some Tips For Taking Care Of Your Black German Shepherd

A German Shepherd, commonly also known as GSD, is a very fun loving dog that creates very strong bonds with its handlers. It is a very loyal dog that is very fond of children, who also adore the dog because of how much fun it is to be around. Always playful, the dog is an excellent companion for children and adults alike. However, it also needs care because it is a large dog that needs regular grooming and exercise. In the following sections we will discuss the kind of care required by it for its diet, health, exercise, and grooming.

Nutrition and Diet

Black GSD And Joint SupplementsA black German Shepherd is a large dog that has a life span of about 10 to 12 years. One basic thing the dog needs is clean fresh drinkable water; because its a large dog, it needs plenty of water to drink. To feed them, you can use one of the many formulas that are available in the market to feed large dogs. However, you should also consult your veterinarian about your dog to ask about anything specific that may be needed by it. The frequency of meals should also be determined by observing the dog’s behavior, and by consulting your vet.

Coat and Grooming

Black German Shepherds needs constant grooming because they have a large fur coat and are large dogs by themselves. They need to be bathed once a month or every two weeks, so that their coat remains cleans and sheds hair during the bath. You also will need to buy a good dog brush, and use it regularly to brush the dog’s fur coat. That is the only way for you to avoid all the hair that the dog will shed otherwise. Specially during the shedding season, the dog will shed a lot of hair that will make your home look pretty unclean if you are not careful about cleaning them yourself.


The GSD is a very loyal dog that can be trained to obey a number of commands. It is also a very active dog full of energy. If left to itself, it will run around a lot to burn off the energy that it has. For both these reasons, for training and for burning its energy, you need to exercise it regularly. The dog seeks companionship, and exercise is a great way to give it that too. You should take it regularly to a park where it can play with other dogs, and run freely. You can and should also train it to obey your commands. Also, playing fetch is a favorite pastime of this dog because it combines training with exercise for this dog… Also don’t forget to get top glucosamine for dogs for healthy joints.

Health of German Shepherd Dog

A German Shepherd Dog will mostly remain healthy because they are an excellent breed. However, you do need to take them to a veterinarian regularly for regular injections and to get them checked. Also, in their old age they may develop hip and elbow related problems, which should be fixed by their veterinarian.