Just Ask Mila And Capone If They Like Their Dog Harness: Both Will Responds Yes!

The pet parent, wishing to make purchase of the best dog harness, is wise to think about the brand of harness.  He is also wise to think about a harness for dogs with a great deal of positive features.  In example, when looking for the best dog harnesses, some pet parents are so concerned about keeping the collar off, their puppies, that they end up purchasing a harness that pinches their respective dog.  In this regard, it is best to find a good dog harness that provides puppy with plenty of clearance–in example, a muscular breed, when wearing a harness that is too thin, in spots, may tear straight out of it–eventually.

The leather dog harness provides a great deal of durability; however, more water repellent brands, made of nylon; with a host of positive reviews, are strong recommendations, too.

The pet parent, concerned that all harnesses are made for active larger size canines, need not fret:  a small dog harness is available for smaller breeds.  In fact, a puppy fits nicely into the smaller harness.  In any event, the harness is best placed on the dog–as far as fit–as to the dog’s stage of growth or breed.

The features of the harness follow:

1–The harness is easy to place on puppy;

2–The item allows for the dog’s full range of motion;

3–The harness, worth its weight, is padded in the chest area; and provides, padding, around the pup’s tummy area;

4–There are generally two attachment points, for the leash, inclusive of a V-ring, on the back, and webbing, which is reinforced, around the pup’s chest area;

5–There is a handy identification pocket for the dog’s tags;

6–The trim, on the harness, is reflective, and,

7–The harness is washable.

The harness that is washable is an ideal choice for the breed that likes to swim, and gets a bit muddy, in the process.  The best choices, too, provide vibrancy as to color.  The vibrant colors make the dog, highly visible, especially if he likes to run in the great out-of-doors, once off his leash.

Another area, where harnesses, that are colorful and are great choices for dogs:  include that of search and rescue efforts. The dogs, involved on avalanche snow teams, are placed in a harness, so that they are clearly seen.  The harnesses are provided, to the courageous dog, at the proper level of comfort, required, in order to conduct such a demanding and vigorous activity.

It goes without saying, that it is the inherent nature of a working dog:  to like to dig.  A dog, then, referred to as an “Avi” dog–as it pertains to such perils, as an Avalanche, is the perfect choice, in rescuing a victim of an Avalanche.  The best harness, for such an active canine, is not too unduly spare in spots.

The best outdoor gear, in way of a harness, must provide comfort, wherein, it does not pinch.  It is the right fit, when the dog runs freely; however, not out of it–and provides a comfortable enough fit–that the canine involved in vigorous activity; does not realize he is wearing it.

The goal, then, of any pet parent, wishing to make purchase of a harness is to find one that does not bind, on his pet; and once the pet is wearing it–the canine is not truly aware he is wearing it.  Too:  the proper harness has received good reviews as to its durability.