Making The Best Use Of Dog Treats

Dog treats have been in use for a long time and are very good for positive reinforcement. Besides being an expression of your love for your dog, they are good for training dogs as you can use them as a reward for good behavior. You need to be careful with your choice of treats for dogs and how you administer them to avoid overfeeding your dog and for the treats to be useful in dog training. Therefore, plan for it and keep track of the treats you are giving your dog in a day.

Effective Use of Dog Treats

Dog treats are very effective for dog training. You can train your dog to stay calm using them. Dogs have a very good sense of smell and can therefore smell the treat from about 20 feet away. Hold the treat up and observe your dog’s behavior. If he gets all jumpy and excited, move away or to the side to let him/her know that you disapprove of such behavior. Let the dog calm down and sit before giving him/her the treat. This way, you will be using the treat to reinforce calmness and submissiveness in your dog and letting him know that being rowdy or too excited will not get him any treats. Treats are best given between meals. However, do not give treats immediately before or too soon after meals. Go for treats that you are sure your dog will enjoy and always save the best for last to keep your dog engaged throughout the training session.

The Best Dog Treats

The best dog treat should be something your dog will enjoy and something that is appropriate for a dog. Always look at the ingredients used to make the treats before buying them. Opt for treats with ingredients you know to avoid giving your dog something he/she may be allergic to. Also, don’t expect your dog to like the things that you also like. Dogs and humans have totally different palates. Don’t be tempted to use human treats for dogs as some are not good for them. For example, dogs love chocolate but it is poisonous to them. There are many other things that we enjoy but that dogs may be allergic to or just can’t stand. Therefore, stick to approved and reccomended treats. If you are not sure about something, consult with your vet or ask for assistance at the pet supplies store. Your vet will recommend the healthy dog treats to you depending on your dog’s breed, age and many other factors.

Bottom Line

Generally, dog treats are a great way to reward and show affection to your dog if used well. If you do not do it moderately and intentionally, you may end up stuffing your dog with too many calories and possibly even making him/her sick. You should also be consistent in how you give your dog treats to avoid confusing your dog. That way, he/she will know what behavior is rewarded and what is unacceptable.