Learn From My Regrets: Bringing Home Your Black German Shepherd

I brought home my German Shepherd dog, whose name is Janice, for the first night over two years ago. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew Janice was a sweet dog and that she deserved a great life, but that was it. I had done a bit of research and had food and water available, but as it was a spontaneous adoption I hadn’t really done a lot of research.

While I love Janice to death and she’s very happy and healthy now, I wish I’d done a few things differently when bringing home my black German Shepherd:

* I wish I’d had a safe spot ready for her. She ended up sleeping by me, which was fine, but I think having a safe spot she could retreat too would have eased some anxiety for her.

* I wish I’d purchased a crate. Not because I wanted to lock her up the first night, but just because I could have gotten her used to it.

* I wish I’d gotten more toys. This is my biggest regret when it comes to any of my black German shepherds; I can never seem to remember to bring home any toys their first night.

So, take my advice and learn from my mistakes. While I love all my dogs and have no real regrets, I think having a few items on hand could make anyone’s first night much easier.