Toys – Only Work And No Entertainment Makes Your Dog Dull

We all are aware of the adage regarding Jack who only used to work and did not have the opportunity to play. If continuous work sans relaxation or rest is harmful for the well being and personal life of humans, it is the same for dogs as well. You shower your kids with presents on their birthday and during Christmas. However, have you ever done the same for your canine friend, who tries his utmost to entertain you and the members of your family and provides security to your house as well? The birthday of your dog is fast approaching. Instead of gifting him a pack of dog food, why do you not try something else and provide him with a toy that he will enjoy playing with? A gift that he will cherish forever and remember you each time he plays with it. Although you can find many types of dog toys online, find below details about the latest and the coolest types of toys for dogs.

Chewing toys

Dogs simply love chewing. In fact, your pet might have already damaged your shoes, the upholstery of your sofa, and other things in your house. Why do you not provide him with a colorful character toy? Make sure that you purchase a model manufactured from tough yet gentle material. This ensures that your pet does not chew the toy into several pieces and helps him keep his teeth clean and his jaw in place. Ensure that the nose and eyes of the character are molded and not pasted.

Ball dispenser

Does your pet love to play a game of `fetch’ over an extended period? He has much more energy than you have and will tire you out very soon. Purchase a ball dispenser and seek its help. This gadget throws a ball for your pet to fetch. He then has to put the ball on a special opening on top of the gizmo before it throws the ball again. You might have to demonstrate this action to your canine friend a couple of times before he understands the method and does it on his own.

Talking ball

If you want to surprise your pet, look no further than the talking ball. It contains of a sphere manufactured from tough, spongy, and transparent material with a special circuit, a tiny speaker, and a battery inside it. The circuit includes a micro chip containing synthesized human voices. The circuit activates the moment your dog bites on the ball and the speaker emits a random command. You will die of laughter on seeing the angry and puzzled face of your dog. For the first few times, he will retreat a few steps from the ball and bark at it.

The above mentioned toys are just the tip of the iceberg. Search online for cool dog toys to find a wide selection of best dog toys. If you want toys for dogs, which educate them while increasing their intelligence at the same time, purchase one of the numerous interactive dog toys. This includes toys that have unpredictable movement, offers treats when your pet solves a puzzle, or those that emit sound, like the `talking ball’ mentioned above.