German Shepherd, A Complex And Rewarding Breed

A German Shepherd dog will catch the eyes of passersby on walks through the park. Many people want these striking dogs after seeing their beauty, and their unusual level of intelligence and obedience. However this dog is not for just any pet owner, it takes a special human to enjoy the perks of this breed.

I know from first hand experience the pros and cons of living with a Black German Shepherd. We got Zoey from a shepherd rescue organization and knew from the start that she would be a member of the family. We were hers as much as she belonged to us. The thing about Black German Shepherds, all German Shepherd dogs really, is they really communicate, and they have opinions! She loves to play in the pond by our house, much to our amusement. But when it comes time to leave she shows that characteristic German Shepherd behavior. If she just ignored our calls, or chose to come blindly that would be normal dog behavior on either end of the spectrum. But no, Zoey will “talk” to us when it is time to leave her favorite spot. She will beg whine and do her best to convince us that she deserves a few more minutes of play time. This very communicative breed is a hoot to be around, but if you find yourself debating with your dog as she groans about leaving behind her favorite toy don’t feel sheepish, it is common human behavior with such an intelligent breed.

Black German Shepherds are not for just anyone, they are full of energy and intelligence. If you do not have the time or energy to spend with them, then they can become despondent. They are a great family dog though, as long as you don’t mind giving them your whole heart.